Visabeira Global

Visabeira began its activity in 1980, in the sectors of Telecommunications and Electricity, providing network engineering services, including production, installation, management and maintenance.


The company quickly became a market leader and has held this status throughout the last three decades.


The Holding Grupo Visabeira SGPS, SA was created as a result of the exponential growth and success of the Telecommunications and Energy business activities, and also due to the corporate diversification into other sectors which enhanced the scope of services provided.


Due to its dimension and to the diversity of its business areas, Grupo Visabeira structured its universe of more than 50 companies into several sub-holdings:

Visabeira Global SGPS, SA - Telecommunications, Energy, Technology, Construction

Visabeira Indústria SGPS, SA - Industry

Visabeira Imobiliária SGPS, SA - Real Estate

Visabeira Turismo SGPS, SA - Tourism

Visabeira Participações SGPS, SA


Today the Group has a wide range of important national and international clients spread throughout more than 60 countries.

Success has been achieved by offering quality products and services, as well as the constant monitoring of market trends and a total focus on the clients’ needs.


Grupo Visabeira is known for its ability to effectively develop opportunities, demonstrating an entrepreneurial energy recognised in the various sectors in which it operates.


Visabeira Global SGPS, SA is organised into four distinct business areas:

Telecommunications (network engineering and cable TV operations);

Energy (production, distribution and services);

Technology (development, integration and information, and communication systems management);

Construction (project development, construction, recovery and building, maintenance and infrastructure).


Always on the cutting edge of technology, Visabeira Global is present in 10 countries as a partner of excellence for many of the main global operators. This is due not only to its competencies, demonstrated throughout diverse value chains, but also to its capability to integrate various specialties.


In line with its slogan “The World in Motion,” Visabeira Global will continue its ambitious process of expansion, set in the internationalisation of its four business areas, and undertaking increasingly ambitious challenges.


Visabeira Global

The world in movement

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