Works in Progress

- Construction of the Cabinda optical fibre urban network for Unitel

- Test drives in the Unitel network

- Operation and maintenance of Angola Telecom telecommunications network in the Provinces of Luanda, Benguela, Huambo, Huíla, Namibe, South Kuanza, Kuando Kubango, Cunene, North Lunda, South Lunda, Bengo, Uíge, North Kuanza and Malange - Several works of optical fibre network installation for Angola Telecom - Several enlarging works of the access network for Angola Telecom

- Several electricity works in Luanda

- Several works of public lighting in Luanda

- Installation of structured cables in several buildings of the FAA in Luanda

- Construction of cable Tv and Internet network in the cities of Luanda, Benguela and Lobito

- Installation of TV Cabo Customers and maintenance works

- Construction of the Optical Fiber ring NGN in the cites of Luanda and Viana for Angola Telecom

- Construction of sites in different areas of the Angolan territory

- Construction of optical fibre backbone for Angola Telecom in the provinces of South Kuanza and Huambo

- Construction of optical fibre infrastructures for Angola Telecom

- Installation of optical fibre in the Luanda urban network for MSTelcom

- Installation for VSAT infrastructures

Bairro dos CTT, Km 7,

Município do Rangel Luanda